We are all formed in a maternal womb where we develop our hair, our nails, our hearts (which begins to beat at 7 weeks old).

Our life experience rapidly intensifies once leaving the safety of our mothers womb. Luckily, our mothers are there to comfort us in the first hours to ensure our safety, wellbeing, and ease our desperation. In the first year of our lives, mothers are a necessity in comforting us. Mother and child become one in the first years of life. Mothers are our first teacher, first counsellor, and first life partner.

As we age, our Mothers continue to be by our side during the toughest times of life. Fights, conflicts, difficulties arise between mother and child which could distance the relationship, but the early parts of life can never be forgotten. Mother’s children learn and mature over the course of life and at some point reevaluate their relationship with parents. The relationship can suffer or enhance the energy within once realizations occur as adults. If the relationship strengthens in adulthood, children often ask for forgiveness of acts of their youth and immaturity. Adult children ask themselves questions like: Why was I so cruel? Why did I have such low tolerance? Why did I wait so long to only realize the purpose of life is always known?

Life moves on. And as a mother myself, I dare to say there is no comforting place in life than with our children. The ones I give absolutely everything. The ones for whom we would die and kill for. The ones who we are grateful for everyday of our lives and thank the universe for providing.

Moms, Happy Mothers Day!

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