A little reflection on Mother’s Day. 


We are all formed in a maternal womb where we develop our hair, our nails, and our hearts (which begins to beat at 7 weeks old).

As we leave the safety of our mothers’ womb, our life experience rapidly intensifies. Fortunately, our mothers are there to comfort us in the first hours, ensuring our safety and well-being, while easing our desperation. During the first year of our lives, mothers are an essential source of comfort. Mother and child become one during this time, as mothers take on the role of our first teacher, counselor, and life partner.

As we grow older, our mothers continue to be a source of support during life’s toughest moments. While fights, conflicts, and difficulties may arise between mother and child, the memories of the early years cannot be forgotten. As children mature and learn over the course of life, they often reevaluate their relationship with their parents. This process can either strain or strengthen the bond between them. If the relationship grows stronger in adulthood, children may seek forgiveness for their past actions and immaturity. Adult children may question themselves, asking why they were once so cruel or had such low tolerance, and why they waited so long to realize the true purpose of life.

Life is a constantly evolving journey, and as such, change and progress are natural. Nevertheless, there are few things in life that can match the comfort of being with our children. They are the ones for whom we are willing to give our all, and even the thought of making sacrifices for them is not unthinkable. We hold them dear to our hearts, and every day, we are grateful for their presence in our lives. Therefore, we express our thanks to the universe and feel fortunate to have them.

Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!
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