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Hire a dedicated development team

Take on your projects with a team specifically dedicated to successfully carrying them out.
Tecbeats is in charge of the whole team’s assembly, organization, and control. 
Hiring a team of development experts will allow you to take your delivery capacity to another level, as well as the speed and quality of your final product. 
A typical team is composed of software developers, QA engineers, a product manager, and other specific positions as required by each project. Of course, the management of the team will be shared with the client’s product owner.
Dedicated teams are independent of your company but work closely with the client’s product owner, report to him, and have as close communication as convenient because our goal is always to work towards the client’s ideas.

¿Objectives to meet when hiring a dedicated team?


Your ideas will be translated by a team of developers. By being involved throughout the process, you will be able to make modifications and improvements to the original idea to achieve a final product that suits your needs.


To achieve excellence in your products or digital solutions it is necessary to give them a neat and user-friendly design. For this, a dedicated team of UI/UX designers, developers, and architects will be in charge of giving that extra to your ideas.


A team that empowers the operational part of your development. Experts in charge of the quality of your product, as well as the costs of the cloud and its infrastructure.

Performance evaluations

During the whole project, in addition to any kind of evaluation made by the client, we monitor each member of the team so that they always live up to the expectations.

Engineering mentoring

We seek to add value to the chosen resources. So that all team members feel guided and accompanied throughout the project.

Project planning

Once the objective is clear, we take care of planning everything. Necessary resources, budgets, steps to follow, deadlines for each stage.

Team recruiting

It examines and evaluates the possible changes that may arise during the project, as well as how the results or delivery times may be affected.

Dedicated Development Team Structure

Dedicated teams provides top-talent professionals that are totally committed to your projects working full-time for you.

Hiring a team dedicated to your product means choosing a whole team of experts who will be completely focused on developing your ideas. While each project contains a different structure according to its requirements, these are the typical positions that make up a team.

Frontend engineers:

In charge of coding and testing the user interface, as well as its functionality and practicality.

Backend engineers:

In charge of “what you can’t see”. Their area of expertise is the internal logic and components that the user cannot see but are key to the functioning of everything.

Quality control engineers:

Experts not only in the quality of the final product but also in its development and process. That it does not contain errors, that it is as agile as possible and that everything is optimized.

UX/UI designers:

As its name says, in charge of providing good usability to the user and at the same time that its final version is beautiful and pleasant.

DevOps engineers:

Experts in the functioning of the development team. They are in charge of making the work processes as agile as possible and coordinating the operations, the development, and its necessary tests in the best possible way.

Project Managers:

Responsible for managing the entire team. In charge of the planning, design, and execution of the development processes.

Frequent Questions

Why hire a dedicated team model?

At the same time you can save a lot by not hiring directly all the necessary employees, you can forget about recruitment, hiring and social security costs.

  • Control: you can control not only the team members and their tasks but also the previous budget and how long the project will last.
  • Lack of Expertise: Another motivation to choose this model is that many companies may not have the knowledge or experience in IT projects and therefore need the guidance of experts.
  • Dedication: A key feature of this type of outsourcing strategy is that the team will be entirely dedicated to your project, your goals will be aligned with those of the team members and their tasks will be fully dedicated to meeting your objectives.
What is the difference between dedicated development teams and internal development teams and which is better?

The members of the dedicated team are outsourced, this means that all these tasks are carried out by the software development company.

The main difference between these two models lies in the nature of their employees, while the internal development team is built by company’s personnel where recruitment process, hiring, salary and social security charges are the responsibility of the company. In other words if you dont want to hire every single developer, designer, engineer, etc, you can choose a dedicated development team to design, develop and advise you in the process of bringing your project or idea to fruition. But you should take into account some other aspects.

Design and adjust your budget

You can design and adjust your budget according to your needs and possibilities before starting the project.

Save your money

You save a lot by not having to take care of hiring all the necessary employees and all that entails. You only pay for the hours worked by the dedicated team members.

Add resources

By outsourcing you have the ability to shrink the team or add resources very easily.

Save your time

Save a lot of time because we work with agile models that speed up both the process of getting staff and carrying out the necessary day-to-day tasks.

Experienced IT professionals.

A key aspect that accompanies all these advantages is that you are assured that everything will be carried out by knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals.

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