Owner, Founder

He’s a tech-savvy entrepreneur passionate about innovation.

David excels in building and mentoring top-tier teams, a go-to for innovation, and high-quality solutions.

With a proven record in tech and business, he propels our success by consistently identifying and scaling innovations, staying ahead to benefit our business and clients.


Business Partner

Our Business Partner, offers a wealth of startup experience, spanning garage beginnings to well-funded endeavors.

Proficient in recruitment, team building, business planning, fundraising, product development, and marketing, Howard excels in establishing and growing channel partner programs.

His public speaking skills, coupled with patent and analytical expertise, enrich his contributions to Network and Mobile Security innovation.


Operations Manager

Mariano Lufrano serves as our Operations Manager, overseeing the smooth functioning of our processes.

With a keen eye for detail and organizational finesse, Mariano ensures efficiency and excellence in our operations.

His dedication and leadership contribute significantly to our overall success, ensuring we meet and exceed operational goals.


IT Recruiter

Our IT Recruiter, responsible for identifying and attracting top talent to our organization.

With a knack for understanding technical skill sets and a deep knowledge of the industry, Patricio plays a crucial role in building our exceptional team.

His expertise in IT recruitment ensures we have the right people to drive our success.


Business Development

With a passion for forging strategic partnerships and driving growth, she plays a pivotal role in expanding our business horizons.

Julieta’s keen market insights and relationship-building prowess help us explore new opportunities and propel our organization forward.


Community Manager

With a flair for engagement and communication.

Macarena fosters a vibrant online community around our brand.

Her expertise in social media and community-building ensures our online presence is not only active but also a source of connection and value for our audience.

"At Teacbeats, we are more than just a company; we're a family of passionate individuals united by a common goal: to drive innovation, deliver excellence, and exceed expectations"