In our modernity, short-distanced by NTiCs, most companies seek a remote hiring solution that also meets their quality staff standards while adding new value and wisdom to their personnel. Staff Augmentation is becoming a key development model in IT industries. This fact is no secret to companies around the world. Many business outsourcing plans have prospered in this context but Staff Augmentation has been prooving to have one of the highest performance when it comes to goal achievements. We are going to approach the topic again in our blog, focusing on what type of projects and developments are highly qualified for staff augmentation. We will also focus on different types of staff augmentations, along with their pros/cons.

Technology x Remoteness has allowed the possibility of sourcing ideal business partners and mining top talent globally. No matter the need or business location, businesses can now insert external IT solutions for most complex projects in their funnel.

What does staff augmentation mean?

Growing companies working on special projects eventually require expansion in human resources to accommodate quick turnarounds and extra funding. Staff Augmentation, meaning the use of outside personnel on a temporary or permanent basis to increase the capacity of your team (complementing the skills and knowledge of it), is the most efficient answer for companies needing capable employees in order to broaden and strengthen their provided services. Staff Augmentation is the promptest and most efficient solution for companies needing capable employees in order to broaden and strengthen their respected services. Cost, time, and talent quality all benefits the scaling company.

There is a Staff Augmentation Service for Each Project.

Recruiting and onboarding new members to an organization usually equates to a long and expensive process. Many small and medium sized businesses require reachable solutions in terms of budget and time. IT Staff Augmentation Companies have at hand a trustful and varied network of freelance developers that can provide a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge to your team, expanding the horizons of possibilities.

When hiring a Personnel & Staff Augmentation Service, it’s important to have defined project goals so inserted resources are precisely specialized in the area required. There is a specific Augmentation service for every business and for each project subject. It is important to set specific goals that want to be reached so that staff hired is precisely specialized in the area needed. This facilitates:

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Finding the best qualified workers for your needs
  • Shortening recruiting effort timeline
  • Inserting high performing assets to your team
  • Molding contracts based on tasks, projects, objectives, periods, etc.
  • Furthermore, outsourced employment models represent a significant cost reduction in relation to infrastructure & technology, recruitment, payroll, and project implementation. Augmentation is contract based that can be as long or short as required. Once the task is over, the contract ends.

Why do Companies Hire Staff Augmentation Services?

Companies seeking Staff Augmentation benefits are usually in need or bracing for provisional increase in demand. Companies could also require trained personnel to perform specific tasks for a determined period of time and/or to make their business more agile by building teams that seize flexible labour as a means to accountability, productivity and fulfilling objectives. Businesses who may be coming to a crossroads of budgets and scaling, require immediate solutions with immediate needs or roles filled. Traditional methods are not always the answer in these cases, leading companies to affordable and equal talent opportunities like Staff Augmentation.

When a company decides to hire an external workforce, such as a Development Team, there is always an underlying fear that third party IT developers might not fully grasp business/project goals in comparison to internal assets. However, when hiring a Staff Augmentation Service Agency, the process usually begins by deep diving into project goals and processes. At that point, an extensive search through a network of experts located all over the world is conducted to ensure the ideal resource is provided to the client.


Outsourcing any work to a third party is a risk at any level, but with a great process and understanding, outsourcing companies are able to merge goals and inherit needs of companies. IT outsourcing is projected to grow 22% over the next 5 years. We companies are prepared and equipped to make great outsourcing decisions and continue growth in their respective markets.

To close, this ample universe of qualified workers is nearly impossible to obtain for small and medium sized businesses, and this is why experienced professionals gather to solve companies’ issues with tailor-founded IT developers. These teams of IT graduates serve their clients by providing deep searches of professionals, providing budgeting, following up on progress, payroll and career plan, time tracking, performance evaluations, engineering mentoring and other tasks that we will be explaining in future posts in this blog.


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