Like so many other revolutions, the internet has brought about a radical change in the way people live. As time goes on we can realize how big and indispensable it has become for all of us. Endless new careers and professions, instant communication across the globe, digital education, online commerce from anywhere in the world, remote work, even allowing us to forge relationships with people in countries thousands of miles away from our homes.

Although its history is really recent, about 60 years, its progress and advancement are impressive. It is difficult to be aware of how ingrained we have in the use of the internet in our lives, we live connected, for relationships, for work, our shopping, and even our medical consultations.

Such a revolution should have at least one day to remember it. In 2005 the Spanish association of internet users put together an initiative to bring the information society closer to its citizens. Such was the repercussion of this event and many South American countries joined that this day, May 17th, was declared as the Telecommunications and Society of the Information World Day or “Internet Day”.

For our family, at Tecbeats, it is a special day. Since our inception all our work was through internet, working remotely with many tools, from task organizers, internal communication applications, and teleconferencing, among many others. Without this range of possibilities, none of this would have been possible, so today we celebrate this special day.

Happy Internet Day!

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