Who said Outsourcing wasn’t for Startups?

In these times where technology and innovation are going faster and faster, being a startup is becoming more and more difficult, not only because of the pace that has to be maintained but also because the competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer.

Founders of new or emerging companies often take on multiple roles, including accounting, software development, and design, without the need for a university degree. Added to this already turbulent situation is the shortage of funds, the lack of staff and the pressure to keep the business running.

It is because of this set of complications and setbacks that many startups choose to outsource to freelancers or other companies. Having an employee hired directly, not only involves recruitment and training time, but also social charges and the resources this entails. With the outsourcing of work you can save many of these resources, while generating a much more flexible structure for your company.

BPO has a fundamental point and that is the reduction of operational costs. Many large employers claim that outsourcing is not only an excellent model for expansion, but also a highly effective way to leverage it to grow their businesses. While its benefits span all industries, in the IT field it has a special one: the ability to hire the best professionals and be advised by experts in the field, something that is crucial in this industry.

Why prefer Outsourcing development services?

The attrition rate of startups within their first year is 90%. It is time to debunk the myth that outsourcing is only for giant companies or companies that have been in business for years. The founder of a developing company often knows a lot or is familiar with some aspect of the business, its core business, its accounting or management. It stands to reason that there are activities that he or she is not qualified to do, let alone teach an employee.

What you gain by outsourcing activities in your company is not just in the skills and experience of whoever you hire to do them, but in the time you gain to focus on what you really know and what is worthwhile.

It is very common that in the IT and web or software development industry, there is a lack of information, knowledge or time to become sufficiently skilled. This is where freelancing to another company can be the key to achieving goals or implementing new ideas or projects.

Save resources and time, while ensuring quality

When a company decides to outsource, it first saves the time of recruiting employees, training them and providing them with hardware and software tools. It also saves the social burdens of hiring someone directly and the space to have them in, such as an office or building.

In addition to this, you are assured of having quality staff, with experience in the industry and the tasks to be performed.

Flexibility in your structure

Having directly hired employees makes your organisational structure somewhat rigid. Hiring someone new means on-boarding them, training them and hoping they don’t quit after a few months, wasting so much valuable time. In the same way, you can decide when to add a new employee, when to reduce your team or when to enlarge it. By outsourcing, all these cumbersome steps are taken care of by the service provider, saving you all this headache.

Avoid multitasking

It is very common when starting a business to hire a few employees and assign them as many tasks as possible from very different fields, where they often know almost nothing about it. This situation often results in dissatisfied employees, or in them leaving the company and leading to the failure of the business.

So Should a Startup Outsource Software Development?

Outsourcing development services helps to ensure that tasks are performed by the right people and that everyone has time to focus on what is worthwhile. Not only will you have more people working for you, but you will also achieve more efficiency and effectiveness in the tasks and projects to be done.

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