Talent Demand keeps growing and the big question for companies and startups is not around whether they need software engineering solutions to accelerate their products and services growth and efficiency. The question is around ‘how’ to get the best talent and most importantly: ‘how to ensure talent stability and long term relationship with such a high competition’? Tecbeats.com answers that question.

With the ongoing technological innovation across the globe, the technology industry is growing at a rapid rate, bringing phenomenal changes in every aspect of our lives. These changes have pushed us to continually upgrade ourselves to ensure that we are ready to take on the challenges.

IT Talent Demand

Coding is one such most sought-after new-age skill, emerged out of people’s need to stay relevant in their job field. Considering its pervasive presence across all fields, it has become one of the fundamental literacy skills of the 21st Century.

With many future jobs expected to rely on coding skills, it is no shocker to see that the demand for top tech talent is skyrocketing. Whether you would like to spend your entire day writing code or you would like to use your programming knowledge to help drive overall business goals, below are some of the coding jobs for you to pursue in 2021:

1. Full-Stack Web Developer

A full stack developer is someone who works with both the front and back end of a website. Their job role involves ensuring that the web-apps created are effective, responsive and meet the required standards. Some of the knowledge and skills to become a full stack developer is:

Understanding of at least one Full Stack framework. MERN stack on JavaScript is a very popular for web development.

Here are the skills needed for a Full-Stack Web Developer:

  • Understanding of system design and architecture fundamentals
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Familiarity with database technologies. Popular ones are SQL & MongoDB.
  • Problem-solving skills

2. Mobile Application Developer

Given the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile developers are in high demand. The primary role of a Mobile app developer is to create, manage, and execute the code to develop iOS/ Android mobile apps and mobile platform programs that meet the requirements of the clients/customers, using the computer programming languages.

Below are some skills you should have as a mobile developer:

  • Knowledge of a coding language used for mobile app development. Kotlin & React native are very popular for Android app development
  • Understanding of how to work with Backend for the app, integrations are key
  • Basic UI/design skills, since these apps will be consumer facing
  • Problem-solving skills

3. DevOps Specialist

With growing emphasis on automation, DevOps specialists are in great demand. DevOps basically involves using automation to monitor all steps of software development from integration, testing, to the deployment. Some of the skills required to become a DevOps engineer are:

  • Programming and coding skills
  • Command of automation technologies and tools
  • Software security skills
  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving skills

4. Software Architect

A Software Architect is an IT professional who has a deep experience in Software Development. Their core duty is to design and develop software systems and applications, and are expected to collaborate with various teams for the overall effective execution of the processes. Some basic skills required to become a Software Architect are:

  • Broad and extensive knowledge of the software development process
  • Knowledge of architectural styles and system design
  • Understanding of various coding methodologies
  • Knowledge of data modelling and database designing
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