Being updated is a daily job, however, in this article, we help you to learn about some of the software development trends that are seen in this half of 2022.

Software development trends

The technology and development industry is extremely demanding and does not allow technology companies to have a moment to sit still. You have to be constantly evolving and changing. What was good yesterday needs to be done better today, and what is new today may be obsolete tomorrow.


To be at the height and speed that this industry demands it is necessary to have a wide range of resources and meet demanding requirements that are constantly changing, to maintain all these standards, many companies resort to outsourcing. Both IT specialists and complete development teams provide access to a wide range of services: development, testing, product management, and operations, among others.

Outsourcing is offering advantages that make it increasingly attractive:

  • Specialists handle specific languages and are increasingly trained.
  • Outsourcing companies aim to have higher quality standards.
  • Cost efficiency and time reduction are also on the rise.
  • With a team dedicated to your projects, you can be sure to develop customized products.

Cloud-native Technologies

Over the course of this year, companies are opting to focus their development services on cloud-native technologies. Operating in this way allows them to work within public, private or hybrid clouds, thus managing to use multiple servers simultaneously. At the same time, you ensure that deliverables and final products work within any type of cloud.

Increased use of AI and ML

Artificial intelligence involves software development technologies that can understand data and information, perform different actions, and make accurate predictions without the need to be explicitly programmed. Hand in hand with this intelligence comes machine learning. It consists of a predictive analysis, where learning is automated and therefore so is decision making. Both technologies come to our industry to reduce risks, increase efficiency, make better decisions and make each task a more effective job.

Low-code/no-code (LCNC)

Software development has a tendency to simplify things as much as possible. In this predisposition, we came across a new way of coding or software development: low-code/no-code (LCNC).The main attraction of this type of development is that it allows people with almost no programming knowledge to implement their ideas. There are extremely friendly platforms with excellent facilities and intuitive user experiences that make it easy to build software solutions.

This new way of programming has two major positive aspects:

  • The first is the possibility of developing simple ideas for anyone.
  • The second is that it will allow development experts to focus on or choose projects of greater difficulty or complexity.


Blockchain technology is no longer exclusive to the world of cryptocurrencies but is now used in all types of industries. Thanks to its incredible encryption and decentralized system, it provides first-class security and transparency to perform all types of transactions, becoming a technology highly sought after by all types of companies. From accounting to transportation and logistics industries. As well as the protection of intellectual and creative property, also the prevention of counterfeiting or theft.

Increase in software quality

Software development, as is well known, is increasingly present in everyone’s life. From the comfort of our homes to hospitals, public entities, and food industries, the list is almost endless. Due to this expansion of new technologies in software development is that companies dedicated to this increasingly seek to obtain international quality certifications, such as ISO/IEC 27001.

Software products are no longer only looking to perform well, but also to have more and more first-class qualities. The market will evolve in the same way, companies will seek to have, in their products or services, better quality software. In order to guarantee these standards, developers must seek to have certifications that guarantee their services.


As it was said before, software development tends to simplify things and make its activity more and more simple and intuitive. Python is one of the most popular and well-known programming languages among users, due to its simplicity and ease of learning. It is also extremely versatile, used in websites, software solutions, data analysis, or prototyping. It is also used in automatic learning among many other uses. Thanks to its popularity and practicality is that companies often choose this language when carrying out their developments (provided that the nature of the project so permits).

Conclusion: Software development trends

We must be in constant search of new standards, improve the quality of our services and add new technologies to the ones we are using.


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