Nearshore Software Development

It is a form of outsourcing that involves delegating tasks, jobs, a specific position, or an entire team for software development. It is delegated to companies that provide these services or to professional freelancers. The particularity is that in both scenarios the contractors belong to countries with similar time zones to those of your company. 

Its main features are: 

Time zone sharing. That is to say, the country where the contractor is located will not be far away from your company and will not have more than 3 hours of time difference.

Likewise, in terms of language and culture, they are also similar. 

This combination of similarities allows you to have fluid and effective communication between your company and the contracted company, which is a must when carrying out any project.

Offshore vs Nearshore

Like nearshore, this outsourcing model also consists of delegating tasks to another company contracted in a foreign country, the difference being the distance between your company and the country where this company is located. 

For example, a company in the USA would choose a company located in India, while a company in London would outsource offshore to a company in Latin America. 

The distance between companies usually results in uncomfortable time differences and a possible clash of cultures.

Reason to choose Nearshore software development services.

Expert developers

The labor market in your country may not have the talents that your company requires and finding them may be an extremely difficult task, involving a lot of money and time, which your project may not allow you to invest.


Perhaps one of the main advantages of outsourcing to a nearshore software development company. When carrying out a project it is likely that you have a limited budget and you have to choose in which aspects to investing more or invest less. Outsourcing your developers gives you the ability to have quality resources, very well trained for each task to be performed at a considerably low cost. 

Flexible structure

An advantage that you can achieve by outsourcing the resources of your team, is the ability to expand or shrink it in a very agile way and manage its size in the way that suits you best depending on the situation.

Acceleration of your deliveries or projects

This industry demands extremely demanding times. Outsourcing your tasks or entire projects can help you keep up with these demands. This model opens up the range of possibilities, giving you the ability to be a multitasker and cover several aspects of your project at the same time.

Specific or new technologies

If you have the need to use a technology that you have not been working with or that is too specific, outsourcing its use or development may be a solution. By looking for developers who have knowledge and experience in a specific technology or language, you will have no problem integrating them into your project.

Benefits of software development outsourcing nearshore

Seamless communication

You can have a meeting remotely in a normal way, as if it were another meeting within your team in your own country. And, in case you need a face-to-face meeting in person, travel time is no more than 7-8 hours.


For the more strategic parts of a project, such as planning or organizing ideas, simultaneity may not be a vital necessity. However, for the operational, day-to-day part of a project, sharing work schedules with your entire team is essential.

cultural similarities

When integrating new parties into your team or having a contracted team, the integration process can take some time. By choosing a nearshore company these lapses become much shorter due to the cultural closeness and language knowledge.

Top talent in record time

When you are looking to expand or add to your company’s resources, you will always try to have the best talent, qualified for the tasks you need. 

What a nearshore development company allows you to do is to make sure you find them. Dedicated companies are dedicated to finding the most suitable resources for your needs and objectives. At the same time, they make sure to have them in times that are profitable for your company.


The main reason why companies choose to outsource

The combination of having qualified personnel with reduced costs such as recruiting, hiring, infrastructure, hardware and software makes this model very attractive. 

In addition to this cost efficiency, developer salaries in countries where outsourcing companies are located are considerably lower than in developer countries.


Some aspects to take into account:

Offshore can be cheaper

This outsourcing model may have several drawbacks but it is usually cheaper than nearshore due to even lower wages in more distant countries. 

Shortage of companies

If your company is not close to countries with technology-driven cultures or is not fully developed in this industry, you should opt for other options. 

Constant monitoring 

Having part of your team away from your company may require you to apply more extensive monitoring of your hired personnel. The ideal is to have meetings in common schedules that are beneficial for both parties.

What to consider when hiring a nearshore software development company?

Relevant and proven experience

Being in the technology services industry is not a mandatory condition of being an expert. 

The best way to check if a company knows what it does is to know what projects it has been involved in and investigate what it has done and how it did it. Understand if they have developed solutions similar to what your company needs.

Make sure they can meet your requirements

Having the experience and resources that your company requires is only part of the decision-making process. Consider all the possibilities and needs that your project may include.

Do they pay attention? 

When you outsource a part of your team or a dedicated team you have to make sure that the contractor understands your needs and objectives as if they were their own. 

A first-class company, not only seeks to develop the ideas that your company needs, but will seek to align its goals with yours and get involved so that you get the best results.


your projects might change and the path of the product you are developing can vary over time. The company you choose should have the ability to adapt to your needs throughout the development process.

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