Colombia and technology

Colombia has been one of the fastest-growing and evolving countries in the region in terms of software development and technology services. The data show that it has been growing by 17.6% annually in recent years (Forbes) within this industry, making it an extremely interesting market to invest in and looking for partner companies to carry out ideas and projects.

In the same way, there is a current in both the public and private sectors that encourages the generation of more and more talent in programming and software development. Scholarships, investment in education, and joint programs between technology companies and major universities.

Other fun facts about Colombia (No Technology!)

Colombia is a beautiful country located in the northern part of South America. It boasts of having tropical climates and friendly people who are passionate about life. There are countless aspects that make Colombia a unique place to visit, but one of the most outstanding ones is its coffee.

Colombian coffee is perhaps the tastiest in the world, and it has become an icon of the country. The beans are grown in the lush mountains of the Andes, where the ideal climate and soil conditions allow for the perfect cultivation of the coffee plants. The coffee is harvested by hand, which gives it a unique taste and aroma that is hard to find anywhere else.

If you ever find yourself in Colombia, be sure to try their coffee. You will not be disappointed. And if you cannot make it to Colombia, look for Colombian coffee in your local coffee shop or grocery store. You will be amazed at how delicious it is, and you will be supporting a good cause at the same time.

One of its most famous dishes, the “Bandeja Paisa”.

Colombia and Technology

Its paradisiacal beaches, with Caribbean water and white sand.

Colombia and Technology

Although there are many rhythms that characterize Colombia, Salsa may be one of the best known.

Colombia and Technology

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