In the dynamic landscape of business technology, where innovation flourishes with digital advancement, genuine magic happens through personal connections. Discover the inspiring story of David Levy, the visionary founder of Tecbeats, and Javier Ibañez-Padilla, the esteemed Chief Networking Officer (CNO) of Willdom, as they unite to forge an alliance that transcends conventional technological boundaries.

The Meeting

In the ever-changing realm of enterprise technology, destiny often orchestrates serendipitous encounters that lead to transformative partnerships. This journey began with Mariana, an unexpected ‘matchmaker’ serving as an IT recruiter at Willdom, who introduced David to Javier. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, their paths crossed once more, reigniting a connection based on mutual interest and collaboration. The virtual environment of this period enabled them to explore innovative ways of working together, effortlessly overcoming physical barriers.

Who is David?

David Levy, Ceo tecbeats

David Levy is celebrated for his ability to identify disruptive market opportunities and turn them into tangible realities. His strategic approach has been instrumental in positioning Tecbeats as a key player in today’s technological landscape.

Before founding Tecbeats, David accrued substantial experience in software development and technology project management at industry-leading companies. These experiences provided him with a profound understanding of business needs and the technical challenges faced by organizations in the digital era.

David’s vision extends beyond mere product creation; it focuses on designing technological solutions that significantly impact productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Under his leadership, Tecbeats has cultivated an agile and collaborative approach, closely working with clients to develop tailored solutions that drive digital transformation.

In addition to leading Tecbeats, David Levy is a passionate advocate for inter-business collaboration and networking in the technology industry. His active participation in events like the Willdom Summit demonstrates his commitment to knowledge sharing and building strong relationships within the business ecosystem.

“We are immensely proud to be a part of Willdom and its expansive family.” David Levy, CEO at Tecbeats

Who is Javier?

Javier Ibañez Padilla serves as the Chief Networking Officer (CNO) at WillDom, where he leads the charge in expanding the company’s network and establishing strategic alliances. CNO Willdom

With a wealth of experience and expertise in business development and relationship management, Javier plays a pivotal role in driving WillDom’s growth trajectory and forging mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations globally. 

His commitment to cultivating meaningful connections and identifying new opportunities underscores his dedication to advancing WillDom’s mission of empowering high-growth enterprises with top-tier tech talent and innovative solutions.

“Uniting with Tecbeats opens doors to endless possibilities, fueling our commitment to excellence in delivering cutting-edge tech solutions with a human touch.” – Javier Ibañez-Padilla, CNO at WillDom


Discovering Shared Values and Visions

Willdom Summit 2023

As their conversations deepened, David and Javier delved into their respective companies’ approaches to software development. They soon realized their shared values: an unwavering commitment to quality, a passion for innovation, and a profound recognition of the importance of human relationships in the digital age. Recognizing the potential of combining their strengths, they envisioned offering comprehensive, customer-focused technology solutions.

Forging a Strategic Alliance

What began as informal discussions evolved into a formal strategic partnership. Collaboratively, they structured an alliance that leveraged Tecbeats’ agile model and talent alongside Willdom’s software development expertise and innovative solutions. They identified not only a shared company culture and commitments to growth but also a deep connection in human interaction between their teams. The alliance between Tecbeats and Willdom quickly bore fruit. Together, they embarked on exciting projects that surpassed client expectations, delivering high-quality, customized solutions. David and Javier celebrated each achievement as equals, prioritizing customer service and fostering effective collaboration among their teams.

The Power of Human Interaction in Technology Business

The story of Tecbeats and Willdom exemplifies the profound impact of human interaction in the digital age. They demonstrated that behind every line of code and technological innovation are individuals driven by passion, vision, and commitment. Their success was propelled by empathy and collaboration, laying the foundation for a lasting partnership based on trust and mutual respect.



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