In this article we will cover why choosing Latin America outsourcing software development is a good decision.

There is a combination of factors that in recent years have favored the relationship between North America and Latin America within the technology and software development industry. 

On the one hand, the lack of technology talent in the U.S. and how complicated or expensive it can be to form a development team. At the same time, Latin America is going through an upswing in the outsourcing of software development as well as becoming a major hub for developers. 

Similarly, the differences in the economies of the two regions is another aspect that highlights this fruitful relationship. the fact that the cost of living in Latin American countries is considerably low encourages the search for foreign companies to hire personnel. 

To these circumstances must be added a very recent paradigm shift, remote work. The rise in popularity and the massive increase in the use of this way of working has finished refining this relationship so productive for both parties. 

Why choose outsourcing software development?


Although rates may vary depending on the country and technical needs, the cost of hiring a developer in Latin America is about 50% cheaper than hiring one in the United States. From a single position to a dedicated development team, companies choose to outsource many of their tasks and use the resources they save on other aspects of the business.

Agility of integration:

companies dedicated to outsourcing have an extremely well-oiled recruitment process. Once the terms are agreed upon, the search, recruitment, and hiring times are really short. In this way, companies find acceleration in their projects and the possibility to take advantage of delivery and development deadlines


Another competitive advantage that companies can acquire by outsourcing their software development tasks. By having part of your staff hired, companies have the possibility to enlarge or shrink their teams in a very fast and comfortable way. 

In this way, not only do they obtain really advantageous agility, but at the same time, they are free from the complications that labor laws and other regulations imply.

Focused professionals: 

This advantage has two positive aspects. The first focuses on the possibility of more easily finding professionals with experience and knowledge in specific or complex technologies. Finding talent with certain characteristics can be a significant time expenditure. 

The second is the focus that the hired developers will have. Their tasks will be directly aligned with your goals and objectives. Companies get great talent especially dedicated to carrying out and improving their projects and ideas.

Benefits of outsourcing software in Latin America

Hub of technological talent. 

The number of developers in Latin America has been growing rapidly in recent years, leading not only to an increase in the labor supply but also to an increase in the quality and excellence of the region’s human resources. Among its high points are. 

  • Excellent development skills. 
  • Great command of the English language.
  • Very good job satisfaction. Something that is very valuable in the industry, since the attrition rate is usually quite high.

Time zone

The time differences between Latin America and North America are low, and in any case, convenient to work in. This time alignment allows companies to work in Latin America and North America: 

  • To have good, comfortable and agile project management. 
  • Facilitates travel, if necessary. Flights from one place to another do not exceed 8/8 hours of duration. 
  • Be agile, and have a fast time-to-market.


Unlike Eastern European or Asian countries, Latin America, as well as its geographic proximity, has much closer cultural proximity to the US. The way of working, customs, there are many aspects known between both cultures. 

This knowledge will foster dynamic teams, reduce onboarding time, and if you believe that diversity empowers your teams, you will have a great combination. 

Growing industry

The IT industry and software development are growing by leaps and bounds. Foreign investments, governmental plans that promote development and education, increase in the number of people dedicated to this industry, a sum of factors that make Latin America an extremely attractive region. 

Companies from all over the world come to work with different countries in the region, which generates that the human resources there know how to manage projects and jobs in a global way, a skill that is becoming more and more powerful.

Outsourcing Latin America rates:

As can be seen in the table, a developer in Latin America is paid considerably less than one in the United States and slightly more than in Eastern Europe or Asia. 

Here it is necessary to pay a little attention, although it may be somewhat cheaper to hire an offshore company in Asian or Eastern European countries, it is necessary to take into account the software development industry in Latin America today. 

Developers in this region today are not only a more accessible option for foreign companies but they also present quality, experience, and knowledge. These countries offer top talents everywhere, with advantages in the market described above: Great development skills, a high average level of English, industry knowledge, and remote work, among others.

If you are wondering if the outsourcing industry will continue to grow, the answer is YES. The possibilities are many and growing, and the conditions are ripe for this whole scenario to continue to improve.

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